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Global Children’s Fund is dedicated to helping underprivileged children around the world  have access to quality education, proper nutrition, clean water and adequate sanitation. 

How We Work

As a 501 (c) 3 organization, GCF has always been to help children overcome their struggles and adversities to find health, happiness, and success in life. We’ve determined that poverty is a deterrent keeping the world’s children from being able to have bright futures.  Global Children’s Fund strives to maintain a visible position on the frontline in the battle against global poverty. Our desire is to continue to fight poverty challenges, and provide children with all they need to flourish and succeed.

Issues We Work On

Global Children’s Fund works to provide the world’s children with all they need to survive and thrive. The needs we strive to meet differ depending on the individual needs of the children we serve. Our mission is to find solutions that not only have the potential to impact one child, but also are capable of positively changing prospects for children worldwide.

Current sponsors and contributing partners have helped Global Children’s Fund:

  • Provide basic education to over 30 children in Africa
  • Grant scholarships to young adults for higher education
  • Deliver school supplies to an Arizona elementary school
  • Establish a computer school program in Ghana
  • Provide water filter for wells in villages in Ghana
  • Deliver HIV/AIDS educational materials in Kenya
  • Provide toys to child patients at the Tucson Diamond Children’s Hospital in the United States

Where We Work

Global Children’s Fund serves children from every corner of the globe, where the presence and results of poverty seem unavoidable. These impoverished communities are among the most challenging to reach, and therefore children are left without access to education, health care, clean water, adequate nutrition and other things essential to their survival and ability to reach their full potential. Global Children’s Fund works with children, their families, and local leaders to transform their communities and create environments where children can thrive.

Ghana -  Cote D'vore (Ivory Coast) -  Nigeria -  Kenya -  Burkina Faso -  Senegal -  Costa Rica -  U.S.A




Founded in 2009 under the former name Pan-African Education, this organization has always had one consistent vision and purpose, which is to give hope, dreams, and life to children living in poverty. Since inception, Global Children’s Fund has been able to create and execute several projects geared towards fulfilling that purpose including, offering educational scholarships young scholars, computer school and training program, and hosting fundraising events to raise awareness of the many needs of children living in Africa and around the world.

Global Children's Fund believes that nation building capacity starts with the individual and extends to the community which in turns transforms the entire universe. Our hope is that this will create the greatest lasting impact, because local members of the communities will be actively engaged in local project and because they are more equipped to understand any cultures nuances and challenges. Through these community relationships Global Children’s Fund is better able to address not just the physical needs of children living in poverty, but their emotional and social needs as well.                              

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We partner with local and grassroots organizations, utilizing their expertise to foster effective and sustainable Projects within their communities. Current Partners

Corporate/ Foundation Support

Corporations and Foundations wanting to support Global Children’s Fund can designate their contributions towards any of our 3 areas of focus.  


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