Child Sponsorship

By promoting basic education needs and focusing on beginning literacy skills, our sponsored children are cultivating a love for learning and creating a strong foundation upon which they can build a successful future.

Your seemingly small financial gift has huge impact. By becoming a Child Sponsor, you are personally helping a child in need. Your support allows their dreams to become a reality.

Dreams of adequate food and access to clean water.

Dreams of being able to get proper medical attention when they are ill.

Dreams of going to school and having the academic tools and equipment to succeed.

As a Child Sponsor you make these dreams come true. You are actively changing the life of a child, putting them on a path towards a brighter more promising future. 


We partner with local and grassroots organizations, utilizing their expertise to foster effective and sustainable Projects within their communities. Current Partners

Corporate/ Foundation Support

Corporations and Foundations wanting to support Global Children’s Fund can designate their contributions towards any of our 3 areas of focus.  


Coming soon.