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The Street Academy: The Sports and Cultural Academy For Street Children

The Street Academy uses Education, Culture, and Sports to expose the hidden talents of the less fortunate children living on the street of Accra, Ghana.  Global Children's Fund is partnering with The Street Academy in providing Educational  Scholarships, School Supplies, Volunteers, Juvenile Boxing Ring, and so forth.  Click Make A Donation to support this project.

The Street Academy of Ghana

In Accra, Ghana, we see the number of homeless kids continued to rise and yet the government has done nothing to address this dire situation. It is estimated that growing number of children living on the streets of Accra is somewhere around 90,000. As citizens of the world, we believe that it is our moral responsibility to lend a hand in ending homelessness among children around the world. Our current intervention strategy begins with working with local partners in Ghana. The primary focus is to help remove kids off the street by inviting them to a center where they are taught to read and write. In this partnership we provide the financial assistance and material resources, while the Street Academy supplies the personnel and volunteers needed to implement the program. The Street Academy project is one the most notable and successful projects being implemented in Ghana. In collaboration with Street Academy we are able to support homeless kids, provide them with a place to call home, and with food and education. The center has over 150 participants in the program, and it is believed to have a 90% success rate. The center has approximately 15 to 20 staff members/volunteers, which are comprised of both local Ghanaian and international personnel. 



We partner with local and grassroots organizations, utilizing their expertise to foster effective and sustainable Projects within their communities. Current Partners

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