Education and Literacy

Education for All!

End Child Illiteracy and Promote access to High Quality Education

Over 75 million children worldwide -- 41 million of which are girls – do not have access to basic education. More than 1 in 4 adults cannot read or write, 66% of them women. Overcrowded classrooms, limited resources, gender inequality, limitations placed on ethnic groups and those with disabilities, and inadequate technology, all contribute to the overall lack of access to education in most developing countries.

Our single and most important goal is to end illiteracy among children and encourage higher education one person at a time.

End Child Illiteracy


end child literacy group photoEnd Child Illiteracy

Through child sponsorship we’re able to provide access to basic education for underprivileged children around the world, including United States, Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote Divore, Nigeria, and more.

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Promote Higher Education


promote higher education photoPromote Higher Education

Our commitment is to make sure every child receives a high school degree and has options to attend a college/university is made possible through our scholarship program.

Scholarship Program

By promoting and providing access to higher learning, many young African scholars are gaining the knowledge and exposure necessary to become the kind of leaders their communities need.

GCF scholars are given opportunities to continue their education through college and to serve their communities through various service projects.

You can help transform the lives of Children around the Globe by:

  • Providing Educational scholarships
  • Donate Materials/school supplies
  • Give a gift of Books
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Provide Computer Literacy


computer literacy photoProvide Computer Literacy

Through consistent repurposing and diligent efforts to expanded access to technology, GCF has established its first Computer Literacy Program in Ghana.

Computer Literacy Program

Our mission to provide access to quality education is expanding in reach, and will now focus also on access to technology. For this project Global Children’s Fund has developed our first Computer Literacy Program in Ghana. The objective for this project is to provide students and local youth the opportunity to attend scheduled sessions of computer literacy and obtain hands on learning.

Project Status

  • Refurbished 50 donated computers and shipped them to Ghana to set up an actual Computer Lab on site.
  • Established our first computer literacy program in Nima, one of the most impoverished communities in Ghana.
  • The lab is currently providing approximately 500 kids and their families access to computer training.

Planned Project Impact

Educational use of technology is desperately needed in order to move impoverished communities out of extreme poverty. The skills learned through the GCF Computer Literacy Labs will allow for more development and job readiness.

Your donation and support of this project directly affects the success of GCF students, and their ability to obtain the jobs necessary to help further their own futures, thereby creating a ripple effect that has the potential to change their entire community.

Ways You Can Help

Raise Awareness for this project at your school, business, church etc. Click to Share This Link!
Donate a laptop (desk-top computers are also appreciated, but due to higher shipping costs, should not be more than 5yrs past its manufacture date and already have updated software).

Make a financial contribution towards the purchase of technical equipment and shipping costs.

For more information regarding GCF’s Computer Literacy Program please Contact Us. l students cu in school via Yours Humanly are given the opportunity to finish their education.

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Deaf Education Advocacy


deaf education advocacy photoDeaf Education Advocacy

Our overreaching mission to provide equal access to education for all has expanded to focus also on deaf education.

Deaf Education Advocates

Our commitment to provide access to high quality education is expanding in reach, and will now focus also on equal access for deaf communities around the world.

The Struggle: In developing countries, deaf communities are still suffering and looked down upon.

  • Deaf and hard of hearing children are sent to rundown schools with little, and more often no resources.
  • Teachers of developing countries working in deaf schools are in most cases attempting to teach without the use of sign language, and with no training for how to educate deaf students.
  • Brilliant and capable young deaf scholars are being stifled and discouraged by teacher language limitations and frustrations, and their inability to understand and support deaf dreams and ambitions.

The struggle of having outdated facilities, no access to technology, very little learning materials, and obvious language barriers, makes the unique challenge of educating these highly visual learners nearly impossible without assistance.

Global Children’s Fund believes deaf children of the world are bright and capable and deserve a hope filled future. They need advocates to stand up and relate their education needs, and create a greater awareness throughout their societies.

Our goal with this new program, Deaf Education Advocates, is to address these issues and provide support to existing deaf schools and facilities, as well as establishing new facilities with materials and resources to enhance the infrastructure of deaf education where its’ most needed.

Project Status

  • Raising funds to develop a Deaf community center in Ghana.
  • School buses for the deaf students in Ghana- In collaboration with Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise through a Rotary International District 5500 grant, GCF provided two school buses to two deaf schools in Ghana, to transport deaf children to school.

Planned Project Impact

  • American Sign Language (ASL) materials for Teacher Education and continued language learning.
  • Awareness and access to Deaf history information – highlighting the many great accomplishments and rich contributions deaf individuals have made.
  • Access to technology.
  • Language Mentors for deaf students.

You Can Help the Deaf Education Initiative by providing:

  • Books *please see our recommended book guidelines.
  • Start a Book Drive at your school, business, church, etc.
  • Donate a Box of Books
  • Make a Donation for the purchase of books and teaching materials.

Videos/Tech Equipment

  • Donate new or used CDs/DVDs *please see our recommended CD/DVD guidelines.
  • Collect and donate new or used Web cams.
  • Donate a laptop.
  • Make a Donation towards the purchase of technical equipment.

For more information regarding this project, feel free to Contact Us.

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We partner with local and grassroots organizations, utilizing their expertise to foster effective and sustainable Projects within their communities. Current Partners

Corporate/ Foundation Support

Corporations and Foundations wanting to support Global Children’s Fund can designate their contributions towards any of our 3 areas of focus.  


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